Works in Progress

"Border Carbon Adjustments in Canada"

  • In light of the recent debates on BCAs in Canada, the US and the EU, this paper examines the economic and environmental effects of BCAs at the province-industry level in Canada. More specifically, this paper quantifies the extent of carbon leakage that arises from the carbon pricing differences between Canada and its trade partners, and explores the consequences of imposing BCAs to imports into Canada. The paper also examines the possible effect of BCAs imposed on Canadian exports.

"Canada's Long-Term Trade Patterns and Potential Impact of Transportation Corridors"

  • Transportation costs represent a significant portion of international trade barriers. Enhancing capacity of existing routes and building new and reliable options can have positive effects on the Canadian economy and trade flows by easing trade barriers and allowing different stages of production to relocate to places where they can be most efficiently produced. To that end, this paper assesses Canada’s current provincial and national trade and identifies the trade-related transportation issues. This paper then evaluates potential gains to Canada’s international trade from improved transportation options.